Getting started

Getting Started - Step 1


Register to play

Pick your horse and silks, and come up with a great name that people can follow.

Getting Started - Step 2


Setup your player profile

Registering takes about 15 seconds and we’ll email you as soon as your account is ready!

Getting Started - Step 3


Join your race

Whether you want to compete in a tournament 
or a one-off, there is a race for you!

Getting Started - Step 4


Rise the ranks

Every time you race you are improving your chances of winning amazing weekly prizes!

What are the weekly prizes?

  • 1st place$500
  • 2nd place$400
  • 3rd place$300
  • 4th place$200
  • 5th place$100
  • 6th place$50
  • 7th place$50
  • 8th place$50
  • 9th place$50
  • 10th place$50


Playing eJockey is easy! All you need is a computer with a keyboard. To sprint, tap the space bar as fast as you can, then change the pace of your tap to keep your horse in the sweet zone. You can navigate the other horses on the field using your left and right arrow keys.